q: Are you Jack?

a: NO! I AM NOT JACK LAUGHER NOR WILL I EVER BE HIM! I am merely a fan. Go here if you want the real Jack.

q: What video is the shirtless guys dancing from?/Team GB dancing video?

a: Here or here

q: Can I use your gif as a sidebar/reaction gif?

a: Yes, go right ahead. Credit is always nice. Reposting is not cool, even if credit is there.

q: follow back?

a: This is a sideblog, follows can only be made through my main/personal blog. I’m sorry I can’t follow back.

q: who are you?

a: My name is Sabrina and this is my personal blog. Susan occasionally helps me out with this blog.

*When I answer privately, it will appear as being answered from my personal blog, same thing with if I’m sending a question.

Now, if your question is still valid, you may proceed to my ask box.